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Getting more women speaking

Women Speaking workshop

Hundreds of women have already graduated from the smash-hit Women's Speaking training program. They are now regularly speaking at conferences, events and workplace meetings.


CEOs we want you to empower and support women in your workplace. 

Professional Women we want to see you out there.

Women Speaking is a high-quality speaking and presentation training system for women with real and relevant strategic writing guidance, on-the-podium practice and one-on-one feedback.


The training is designed especially for professional women, anchored in the real-world knowledge of the skills required and confidence needed for public events and media appearances.This is the Women Speaking strategic communications framework.


Women learn significant skills and feel more confident to speak as a result.  Each session is delivered by Catherine McGrath and team.  

Workshop format

Participants plan, write, practice and deliver a three-minute speech to an audience using the Women Speaking strategic communications framework to guide them.

  • Attendees learn how to structure and write a presentation for best impact.

  • Real practice on-the-podium and learning to feel comfortable on stage.

  • Voice coaching to strengthen voice, tone and confidence.

  • Time to experiment using a microphone in front of an audience.

  • Small group training, individual attention and pathways to future learning/improvement.

  • Friendly, supportive, skilled, trained and professionally recognised communicators lead the program.

  • Attendees begin to understand that speaking is a professional skill they can master.

  • We use conference/event facilities (not training rooms) to simulate a real conference/event environment.

  • Multiple opportunities to present and practice presentations.

  • Great skill development guaranteed.

Workshop fee

The workshops are delivered in small groups of up to 20 participants with multiple trainers.

The Women Speaking workshop is $890.

The Women Speaking team

Catherine is joined by a team of extraordinary women to deliver the

Women Speaking workshop.

Women speaking team High Res.jpeg

Lexi Sekuless

Voice training

Lexi is a star Australian actor and a highly awarded, credentialed voice coach. She teaches women how to strengthen and develop their speaking voice.

Merry Kirkwood

Writing skills

Merry is a businesswoman, travel magazine editor and newspaper editorial member. Merry helps participants develop their own brilliant, exciting and on topic presentations.  

Women speaking team High Res.jpeg

Suzanne Mostyn

Stage Presence

Suzanne, a veteran of breakfast TV and newspaper journalism.  Suzanne is a media professional who helps women turn ‘nerves into verve’. Suzanne shows our participants how to feel comfortable and at home on the stage in front of an audience

Rave reviews

What our participants have said about Catherine McGrath's program.

‘I have never felt so safe, encouraged and supported to speak and to speak in front of others.

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