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Why start a media agency?

Oct 03 2014
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Once I was a journalist, chasing deadlines and politicians in Canberra and abroad. Now I am joining the private sector as a small business owner and operator.

For nearly 30 years I covered politics and international affairs for the ABC and before that for local commercial radio. As the ABC’s South East Asia Correspondent in the 1990’s I cemented a love for our near neighbourhood in the Asia Pacific.

Canberra and federal politics have been my focus since 1997 as Political Editor of Australia Network and Asia Editor for the ABC along with earlier roles as Chief Political Correspondent ABC Radio and Diplomatic Correspondent for ABC TV.

Everyday I adored my job communicating with Australians and people from our region. Over the years I have had the great privilege of meeting amazing individuals in politics, government, diplomacy, defence, academia, business, NGO’s, community groups and the media.

Now I find myself in a new era. Funding cut backs have led to the closure of Australia Network the international broadcasting arm of ABC TV, and like many people in many places, I have been made redundant.

But I am excited about the future.

My boutique media agency aims to help governments, businesses, organisations and institutions meet their policy goals. My contacts and experience can boost value for companies and organisations.

Many groups would like to increase their media footprint but don’t always know how to go about it. From a policy perspective too it can be hard to work out how to bring your ideas and needs to the attention of governments.

Sometimes businesses put great financial resources into conferences and events but fail to get the policy and media impact they want. Often what is needed is greater coordination and focus because there is nothing worse than investing time and money to see a function come and go with little evidence of ‘bang for your buck’.

That is where I can help.

Let me help you boost your profile.

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